Learning the Ropes of Game Tester Jobs


A game tester job entails playing video games for at least 3 hours daily. The game testers play most recent games before they are released into the market. The intended use of this exercise is to identify errors. You are rewarded or paid to test video games from various development corporations at the comfort of your home.

In 2012, the video game industry approximately earned sixty-six billion dollars in terms of sales revenue. The use of Freemium model, which can be used in both mobile games and PC games, was the main contributor of high level of profits.

Freemium model offer games for free to mobile device and personal computers. This has brought stiff competition to other entertainment industries. The skyrocketing revenues globally have provided opportunities to earn cash for video game enthusiasts.

Become A Game Tester Today!

To be a game tester one is required to apply for the position as a video game tester. Due to the competition in the industry, your application should stand out as the best among many so as to secure the position. A well-informed video game enthusiast with dedication, ambition, and passion has high chances to capture the position in large and independent video game companies and studios.

Most video game designers start as video game testers. As a game tester, you get a chance to make industry contacts and study the ropes as they sharpen their analytical skills. Video designers begin as apprentices or interns while working as video game testers. The testing job serves as a stepping stone for a high position.

Video game testers play an integral part in the gaming industry. They check for flaws and bugs, as well as testing new game features before the game is released in the market. If they detect any disastrous issues, game testers report their findings with the game developers or designers.

To secure game tester jobs, you need to be organized, methodical and have impressive communication skills. You also need to have great skills with the game controller.

When you work as a game tester, you get an opportunity to learn the business and gain skills that assist to become a video game designer. You will learn to spot coding flaws and ways on how to fix them. A keen video game tester always learns from every game in terms of cause of the problem and what functions well.

As a game tester, you get a chance to work in a professional environment and attain priceless expertise that will eventually assist you to snag a video game designer position.

Game testers carry out video game quality assurance (QA), bugs, mistakes and any other associated problems that could disappoint the gaming community.

Game testing is like any other game, which could be frustrating and tedious. You need to be disciplined and organized in your product testing approach rather than concentrating on how to beat your opponent and score high. Patience, better understanding on both computer software and hardware and a keen eye to details makes a good video game tester.

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